When did the people of Britain become such a bunch of timorous little mice? A couple of days of strong winds and relatively light snowfall in SE England and the media act as if Armageddon is upon us (UK weather: Storm Darcy to bring more snowfall and gale-force winds on Monday | UK weather | The Guardian).

Yet this is winter and snow, wind, rain, sleet and hail are not only to be expected, but occur pretty much every year, as they have for millennia. But people still act as if it’s a complete surprise, with a weather forecast of as little as 5 cm of snow seeing ‘the authorities’ advising everyone to stay at home unless their journey is absolutely necessary, whilst roads are closed and rail services cancelled.

Since said authorities know this will happen every year why do they never plan accordingly? Just a simple regulation like making winter tyres compulsory between November and March as in many other northern European countries would prevent the chaos on the roads for a start.

Give it another four months and the media will be screeching hysterically about heatwaves and drought, astounded by the unexpected meteorological phenomena of five consecutive days of sunshine and temperatures above 23 C.

There are two ways this increasingly regular process of making a drama out of feck all can inevitably go; those with half a brain take it all with a pinch of salt, laugh at the inanity of it all and carry on regardless; and those with brains made of jelly do what they’ve done since Covid appeared on the scene and hide behind their sofas, terrified that the gods of wind, rain, snow and wind will come down the chimney to get them.

This infantilisation of people, and their mindless acceptance of the drivel pumped out by the media (clapping for Capt. Tom being a fine example) is probably exactly what governments of both left and right want, however, since the more accepting people are of senseless rules and diktats the easier they are to control.

Covid is the ultimate proof of this – lockdown after lockdown to do what exactly? At it’s most basic, to protect around 0.1 per cent of the population from dying, despite the fact that most of that 0.1 per cent would have died sometime in the last year of old age or some other ailment.

Meanwhile, the other 99.9 per cent of us have out lives thrown into turmoil now and for years to come, yet frighteningly, the majority of people are not only content with that, they are actually wailing to be put into an even tougher lockdown.

What a bunch of jelly brained idiots.