On the Road | Oregon High Desert

On the road | Oregon High Desert

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Alf Alderson is an award-winning adventure travel writer whose work appears regularly in the world’s leading newspapers, magazines and websites. He has also written and contributed to a wide variety of guidebooks on adventure travel, skiing, surfing, cycling, hiking, mountain biking and camping.

Maldives Wave

Senja Island | Arctic Norway

Alf’s specialities are:

Skiing, Surfing, Mountain Sports & Adventure Travel

He has a particular affinity for the French Alps, and also has an in-depth knowledge of the US Rocky Mountains, British Columbia and the UK and European surf scene. And after more than thirty years living and surfing on the Pembrokeshire coast he has become an authority on the area.

Alf is the author of ‘Surf UK’, the first definitive guide to surfing in Britain, ‘Ultimate Surfing Adventures’, ‘Ultimate Ski Adventures’ and several other guide books, and co-author of the ‘Rough Guide to the Rocky Mountains’.


Ski Touring | Kamchatka