There are many issues to consider when buying an ABS daypack, price in particular.

But in reality price can be set to one side unless you consider your life to be worth less than a few hundred quid, and this offering from Mammut is actually pretty good value at £490 when compared to the opposition.

It also sets new standards in terms of weight, coming in at 1.7kg including the Removable Airbag System and carbon cartridge.

With a 20-litre capacity the pack is only really feasible for day trips into the backcountry as it’s not big enough to store all the gear you need for overnight trips, but the pack’s clean lines and a range of useful features worked for us.

These include a safety leg loop, diagonal ski carrier, ice axe/ski pole holder and removable back padding which can also be used as a cushion.

The pack is also hydration system compatible, and offers fully-zipped access to the main compartment so you can easily access your kit.

What I liked best however is the fact that the airbag system is removable, so if you’re not skiing in avalanche terrain, or just want to use the pack for activities other than skiing, you can.

This versatility makes the relatively high price all the more acceptable, and also answers THE question ‘is it worth shelling out for?’; if you head off-piste on a regular basis the answer has to be ‘yes’.

PRICE £490

FOR Could be a lifesaver
AGAINST Nowt (unless you don’t think you’re worth £490)